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Apr 23, 2007
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South Africa
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I was battling with DOF as I was really close to this guy.

very nice colours and nice subject.

I cannot really understand DOF on this one though. The branch seems to go from the left to the right side of the image, and not towards the camera. I would not expect such a sharp transition from sharp to blurry...

On the Chameleon it looks about right, but for the branch it looks odd.
Yes but he saved a lot of money on his car insurance.

sorry couldn't help it
Alex its because of the angle of the branch, it wasnt straight.

DHammer, I dont get the car insurance thing? Must be a country specific ad you talking about?
nice shot but not able to get what xactly u wanted to focus face or only eye? anyways m not pro :D
awesome capture !!,
the colors are so amazing ,
totaly awesome !
Yes but he saved a lot of money on his car insurance.

sorry couldn't help it

Hehe.. I giggled. :)

I'm not quite sure what I think of the focus. Great colors and what a cute little guy!

But I could not get the joke either! not at all ... :(

there's a commercial of a car insurance company called Geico and they have a Geco as their lil spokesman

they usually say 'Save 15% on your car insurance by switching to Geico' or somethin like that
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i really like it

but i think i would have liked it even more if a tad more was in focus, likethe whole head and his arm.

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