Changing shutter speed on a pentax camera?


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Oct 10, 2010
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Little Falls, NJ
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i had this pentax k100D D-SLR camera for about a year and a half now and i got some really good shots out of it.. this might sound like a silly question but im still trying to figure out how to change the shutter speed. i have gone about to change the iso sens af modes single or multiple frame shooting. but for what ever reason i cant figure out how to change the shutter speed. i brought this camera used with out of a manual so i am unable to refer to it. any help would be greatly appreciated! :D
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If your not in AV or auto mode you just turn the little black dial on the back (top right).
thanks for the pdf manual! turns out all i had to do is turn thae wheel in shutter priority mode! thanks again :lol:

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