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Mar 23, 2012
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Hey folks,

Haven't been here in awhile, but I need insight for a situation I'm dealing with.

Most of my work has been weddings and portraiture, and occasionally with fellow freelancers. But some of those clients are leading to commercial work and I'm not quite sure how to charge for it. I know I need to charge for licensing, but it obviously needs some customization between smaller and larger businesses.

The specific situation I have is a magician I work with wants to include me in his offering to a real estate company, and both the magician and the company would receive the photos. My time investment is the same, but two parties are benefitting so I would need to include licensing fees to get value. But since the magician is negotiating on my behalf I don't have room to ask about outreach, etc. I'm assuming the photos would mostly be used for social media, but it's possible it could end up in promotions as well.

I usually charge - here in the UK or ÂŁ150 ( $203) per hour

Les :)
My photography friend here in St. Louis I do retouch for charges $250 an hour plus the retouch.

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