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Dec 14, 2011
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I'm going to the Dominican Republic this summer and am in need of a small camera (slips easily into a pocket) that wouldn't kill me if it got stolen (i.e., not too pricey). Because most of the time I'll be doing charity work, and my bags will be packed with dental equipment, I won't be able to bring my DSLR.

Does anyone have any experience with a lil' cheapy that produces decent pics? I bought a Sony for around $120 a couple years ago for a similar purpose... I took it out of the box, took one shot, loaded it on my computer, and when I saw the picture, I promptly put it back in the box and returned it.

I'm not trying to be a camera snob, and I know I won't get L-series quality glass here, but I just want something somewhat decent. Budget is $150-200.
Trip to interesting country with great photo ops; maybe a one-time opportunity?
Why waste it.
Why not buy a better P&S that will give good pictures and insure it or spend $50 on post cards?
When I travel to sketchy places, I use my Panasonic Lumix LX-5. Not heart breaking if I lose it but I can get somewhat Okay pictures.
In that price range, IQ is going to be close across the range of different options out there. My preference has been with Panasonic Lumix P&S cameras but I haven't purchased one recently.

Perhaps a used higher end P&S would fall within your price range: Canon S90, S95 or Panasonic LX3 comes to mind.
I would look for something that uses AA or AAA batteries in the event you do not have access to power.

OTOH, if you will be doing medical field work you will have power to recharge and AA batteries bought in the field so-to-speak are liable to be expensive and of dubious quality.
I've never been to the Dominican Republic but I've been just as far afield and recharging has never been a problem.

Canon s90 or s95 popped into my mind as well. Seems slightly past your budget though...
Though DR is a 3rd world country you should be fine with a p&s that doesn't run on AA. I've been there and I'm half Dominican. You'll be fine.

I've always liked the NIKON coolpix style series camera. I had an old s220 back in the day and loved it.
In that price range i would look at the Panasonic Lumix ZS8 or even the Canon Elph 300 HS.
Oh and be prepared for the power to go out all the time. For no reason. Lol.
I'm going to the Dominican Republic too this year! I'll look out for you if I knock a tooth out!

Although I will be taking my DSLR and putting it to hard labour!
Thanks for the response everyone! I'll definitely be checking into these suggestions!

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