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Dec 8, 2007
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I want to take some portrait photos of a friend of mine who is a wrestler. I dont have much experience with portraits, and I am not sure what to do with lighting and a background. I will probably be taking the photos in his apartment, poor lighting and poor backgrounds. Neither of us have much money for studio equipment, so I was thinking of just using a bedsheet for a background and try usuing a few different lamps for better lighting. I want to avoid shadows as much as possible.

So I was just wondering if anyone has any advice for me to get some good shots with the conditions I will be working with.

A bright worklight, and a car window reflector (they are at auto stores, and block the sun from the windshield...they're about 10 bucks for 2...

Or, you can use white foamboard...

Basically, one light and a reflector should do you good.

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