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Dec 26, 2007
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Looking to get one, but don't want to spend a huge amount.

Are the ones priced at £20-40 actually any good or does one need to spend £50+ to be assured of something decent.

There are a couple of budget items at Argos, but I assume they are a bit...crap!

Kodak @ Argos £16.99
Hama @ Argos £12.97

Plenty to choose from at Jessops though...

Any recommendations?
depends on what your going to be putting on top of it, unless you want to be upgrading your tripod every 6 months pay a bit more and get a Velbon Sherpa 250R from memory about £60-70
It'll be a dSLR.

with a 300g lens attached or a 5 kg lens attached? ;)

SLR alone does not say much.

But as LP said, in any case you will not be happy with the very cheap and light ones for a long time.
Also consider this; do you trust placing over $1K of camera equipment on said cheap tripod? Find one that is sturdy enough to suit your needs. Take into consideration any upgrade in lenses you might have down the line so that the tripod can support it. I condidered Velbon and other cheaper alternatives from eBay and the like, but in the end went with a more reputable manufacturer (Manfrotto) for peace of mind. Have no worries about setting up and walking away from my tripod.

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