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Dec 15, 2016
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I'm looking for a tripod that would help me a lot with real estate photography.
Mainly a d7500 and nikon 10-20 and sigma 18-35. (And flash).
I have never owned a decent tripod before, and there is way to much out there.
Budget is max 200-250euros for everything.
I would like a bal head, (I read these are a big plus?).
And an L-plate.
Doesn't need to be arca swiss, but if you guys really recommend it, then yes, it should be arca swiss xD.
I also do macro photography, so it would be great if I can get very low to the ground.
If it's also able to hold my 200-500nikon sometimes it's a plus, but not a must.
It can be be aluminium, doesn't have to the carbon fiber (but it can!).
I guess lightweight and portable are always on a tripod wishlist, but let's see what is possible.
I am a bit shorter than 1m80, so preferably a tripod that can make the camera eye-level (so 1m70+? (5.6feet)).
Preferably clips to lock the tripod legs, I'm not a huge fan of those twist thingies.

Thank you guys in advance!
Start by looking for used - all but one of my tripods have been bought used, and over here it tends to save close to, if not more than 50%. I would definitely recommend a ball head for general use, but make sure that you get one with an adjustable friction setting. As for legs, I would look to either Manfrotto of Giottos; both excellent names producing good quality gear. Manfrotto has several different QR systems depending on the size of gear you're supporting, but nothing Arca-Swiss compatible.
My motto is “buy once cry once” when it comes to essential gear, tripods fit this category. Therefore you are going to be hard pressed to get lifetime quality legs and a ball head with a QR for your budget unless as @tirediron stated you go with something used.

For example:
Manfrotto MT055 XPRO3 Aluminum Tripod is $220 USS
Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 Aluminum Tripod

Really Right Stuff BH-40 with full size Lever Release Clamp is $415US
Really Right Stuff BH-40 Ball Head with Full-Size Lever-Release Clamp

FWIW, I still own and use my Manfrotto ART.055 tripod bought around 1979 and my daily ball head is a Foba Superball bought in 1988 with a Really Right Stuff full size lever release clamp. My main legs are Manfrotto ART.161Mk I Professional bought in @1987.
I know you guys are right, I should go get something a lot better, I'll regret savings money now and buying cheap, etc...
But my budget just doesn't allow anything better atm.
I also feel it would be good to go with something 'cheaper' and really get to learn what I truly need from a tripod.
So then later, if I really want something better, I will understand things a lot more and buy the right product for my needs.
But I'll definitely have a look in used products!
Someone is selling this for 250 eur, what are your thoughts about it?
A quick search learns me that the balhead is great but the tripod perhaps not so great? Maybe good for traveling?
Manfrotto 190 GO tripod + MHXPRO-BHQ2 XPRO
Not reccomending, but as a note, I still have a Tiltall that I inherated from the ol man.
Its older than me and can hold ALOT of weight.

The core of this is sturdyness.
Arch. photography sometimes require unusual positioning, so as stated, a friction adjustable ball head is in order, but keep this in mind. LOOK and READ the material and reviews on the ball head. Once the friction aspect runs out its a done deal. DO NOT get a small ball head!

You genuenly need something robust and some of the cheap stuff will have a head that is about the size of a walnut and wont hold weight very long. You need friction to hold it and that translates to AREA and MASS that the mechanism will use to hold the ball in place.
Also the head is going to be attached to a mast that hold the plate that the camera mounts to. Dont go small on that.
Personal experiance with a cheap $20 ball head lead to a mast coming apart and the camera falling.
Luckly it was on a solid bed of grass and soft.
The larger the area the camera sits on it will be better locked and becoming essencially a singular unit.

Heavy lenses will cause the ball to creep if its small, if its a small ball it cant hold more than a certian amount of weight, and if its a large ball, thats more friction area and that means it'll hold rock solid.

Manfrotto is a def. and look into MBP Photo for used, along with KEH, Used Photo pro or any ther online company that'll sell high quality tripods.
Thanks for your input, I am in Finland tough, so I don't have access to the us market. It is a lot harder to get used stuff around here.
This manfrotto I found above is new price 350,I think if I can get it for 200,It would be a good deal. And If i Don't like it,I can sell again for 200,not losing any money.
Or it might be a great tripod for travel use!.
The tripod holds 7kg, and the balhead over 10kg.

I understand your writing, and I should look for bigger , more sturdy and also expensive tripods. But it's not a possibility for me right now.
And like most photographers, despite the warnings and tips, I need to walk with my head against a lamp first so I learn for the future .
And i will most likely not use it with my 200-500. I don't feel the need for it.
The heaviest would be d7500+flash+sigma 18-35
Have a look at Velbon tripods. They are at the cheaper end of the market, but I've had my Sherpa 400R for several years and it's been great though I do use an aftermarket arca-swiss head.
Really RightStuff

I realizes I'm jumping to fast into this, like i want to buy by tomorrow. But I should take more time reading and comparing.
A friend of mine also said Sirui is a good brand.
I will check into these brands more closely.
Any other recommended brands?
I would prefer to get the whole set from same brand.
Sorry but I am going to have to disagree on the advice of Valbon tripods. Their interchangeably is limited
Been there got the t shirt
The manfrotto looks good as you say a 7 kg limit rem if using a longish zoom to use a tripod collar on the zoom it will balance the weight.
Ok for me the twist lock on the legs would be a problem but that is me I like the other type
I have two manfrotto tripods plus other items of theirs
Here in the uk the parts service is very good
If I had the chance to get that 190 go even with the twist locks I would add it to my stable, just because it’s light
Used. Manfrotto 190 is used!
I fell into a Manfrotto. A friend saw it at a yard and the seller had no idea what it really was. My friend gave it to me. Yeah, I know, how lucky is that... It is built like a tank. So recently, when I needed a ball head, I got a Manfrotto. I paid for that one. I think going used is a good idea. Its not like you're investing in the latest technolgy. If you're not in a hurry I'm sure eventually you'll find something in Finland.
If you are going to do interior work, a standard tripod may be tough, if you have to get in close to walls and furniture.
As a 2nd support, look into one of those monopods with a tripod "foot." It lets you get in closer to walls and furniture than a standard tripod. Yes they are not as steady as a standard tripod, but it is steadier than my hands. And I don't know how well it will handle a D750.

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