Check yes/no/maybe...

2 and 3 get my "yes". The last a "maybe +", as I really like the colours, but prefer to see more of that glorious sky which we do see in 2.
In my estimation (which, of course, is highly subjective), the two vertical frames fall a bit short. 1 is a clear "no" to me.
Cool, thanks guys :D My personal favorite is number two. Number 4 I cropped from the original, since it had a bunch of foreground. If only I would have aimed the camera a little higher it would have been good (D'oh!)

By the way, these were taken in New Jersey...who says Jersey can't be beautiful! (Now that I said that, it was probably the pollution and toxic gases causing the colors :lmao:)
#3 is clearly the most dramatic. The sky has beautiful color and clear textures.

#1 has interesting lines and a lot to look at, but the sky is blown in places, and the colors are muted.

Where did you shoot these?
Thanks, they were taken at Sandy Hook, New Jersey...
#1 The sky seems blown out, other than that I like it though. This photo had a lot of potential in my opinion. I am no expert on HDR, but this seems like a good time for it maybe? Any of you HDR guys care to comment on this?

#2 Yes, I like it a lot.

#3 No, I dont like the composition really.

#4 No, It looks pretty noisy and I find that discrating and it takes away from the beauty of the image.

#5 Yes, I like this one.
These do anything for anybody?!?

#1 is my favorite of the bunch... the rest really don't do much for me...

However... I think that the color levels could be adjusted a bit...

Maybe something like...


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