Child Benefit Databse Screw-up

Lisa B

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Nov 13, 2007
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Mount Penn, PA
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So, im sure that you are all aware, if you are in the UK today, that someone "Lost" a couple of CDs with millions of peoples names, addresses, bank codes, childrens names etc etc etc on them (people claiming child benefit and the like) - someone dropped them in the post UNRECORDED or anything and they have GONE MISSING!!

Our government seriously dropped the ball on this one.

Here is a link to the story:

Anyway, on a lighter note. Whoever made this just made me laugh far too much for a wednesday lunchtime!
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Damn, that's fuxxed.
BTW these guys need to know that we're in the 21st century, not 20.

But of course, the 2012 is the most likely a year of the official start of the 21st century.
I'm not sure I'd trust our postal service to deliver an item, safe and unopened, if it was sent with a recorded special delivery, with a police escort and a team from the U.N. watching it... never mind unrecorded...

But apart from that, I guess they haven't heard of sending things electronically. It's reassuring to know that my government is more low-tech than me. I think I still have a 56k modem in a box somewhere, maybe I should offer to send it to them...
I think you should. Or perhaps they would like to borrow my carrier pidgeon!?
The ebay listing has apparently been removed, but I can imagine it put the CDs up for sale for a ridiculous price?
yeh, well, twenty quid. It was the postage that was billions....

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