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    I always have a hard time selecting which photos to display and give to client. For example, I went on a shoot today and shot roughly 250 photos. Out of those I ended up with 46 that I really like. Then I edit all of those. (in the process of doing that now) Then after my edit I still always end up with 20+ that I feel I can't get rid of.

    How do you all narrow down your photos and how many do you usually end up with? I know this varies a lot depending on what/who your shooting and what they ordered and such.

    Trying to figure out if I need to be EXTREMELY picky so I only end up with around 10 or so. It's pretty time consuming editing 50 photos.

  2. You will get as many answers as you have viewers. I always find that people pick images that I wouldn't... and there is no right or wrong answer. If you trust that the client has a brain then show him the images prior to processing (process one to show what is possible) and if you don't trust the client then pick what you believe are the right ones. You were hired as much for your technical skills as for your vision.
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    I photograph a lot of models. I post all of them except for shut eyes etc and and let the client pick their faves. I then edit their picks. I will sometimes come up with my picks, but I keep them to my self and or the photo community. May be totally different in the retail world.

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    It is.

    Retail clients select images based on emotion almost exclusively.

    What time frame did it take you to capture "roughly 250 photos", and does your contract stipulate what the client is to expect from you are far as number of photo's to choose from?
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