Christiano Ronaldo vs Photographer


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Nov 13, 2008
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In between her...
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hahahah WOW! **PAY ATTENTION TO BETWEEN 1:31-1:34!**

Photographer - 1
footballer - 0 :D

That was quite impressive.
I know right! They should put him in next world cup side by side w/ Ronaldo :) Then Paraguay can finally win the Championship!
Fake. They had something similar with Tom cruise and Cameron Diaz!
Well, if you think the photog is fake, sure, I'll give you that. But C. Ronaldo, nope. He does those tricks almost everyday playing soccer (during games). Check out some of his youtube vids.
Is it fake?
Where is the one of Cruise and Cameron Diaz? I'd love to see that!
Either way it is a cool video!
This is definitely not fake. The Tom Cruise Cameron Diaz one looks super fake.
how do they do that?!? thats sweet, the cameron n tom looks fake, too much spin on the ball and goes too quick for the force they put into it.
I don't think that's fake. The tom cruise one is certainly fake, but the physics in the OP are too perfect.
surprised Ronaldo didn't cry like a baby for getting schooled!
surprised Ronaldo didn't cry like a baby for getting schooled!

Ronaldo is a pretty cool guy IMO. He was # 2 (experienced) in the top 50 behind Messi for the world cup 2010. He's like 22 now I think? Young kid. Good player for sure.

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