Christmas aftermath!

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Nov 13, 2007
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Mount Penn, PA
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Last night was funny as hell! We (my mum, me, murfbag, Em and John) are all sitting there in the pub with the lights off, watching TV and someone knocks on the door. We don't answer it. Fron that point on we decide to be a little more covert about the whole deal - this results in John SAS rolling accross the pub floor in order to avoid being seen by anyone at the door, just coz he needed the toilet. This, we decided, was stupidly funny, so, when we DID finally start letting people in, we made them all SAS roll accross the pub floor - or they weren't gonna get served hah! AND what was funnier, is that they DID!! They all SAS rolled across the floor hah - dave rolled into the bar stools, hah...****in hell, it was like a sceen out of spaced in here last night. I haven't laughed so much in ages.

I havent puked up so much in ages either - mum gave me black sambuca and i hate sambuca but i drank it anyways and i remember **** all from a certain point last night - i apparently tried to blow up the kitchen by putting mince pies in the microwave in the tin foil AND i made some disgusting gravy coz i apparently wanted food and decided to eat some lamb, but i never ate it, its still on the plate. As for the mince pies, my mums asked me what the hell im doin putting mince pies in the microwave for like 3 minutes and im all like I DONT EVEN LIKE MINCE PIES!! Haha...what a ****in idiot.

That was a ****in funny as hell christmas!

My sister STILL hasn't given birth. She'd due tomorrow!


What did you get up to?
uhm.. over here it is not over yet ;)

today is relatives-day ;)
Its boxing day, nothing is open, i'm working tonight, im hungover and im hungry.

Feed me.
Spaced was funny

but I hear they are making a 3rd series, downside of which is that it will be american, anyone remember the mess they made of Red Dwarf??
They should leave spaced well alone. Whats done is done. They royally screwed Red Dwarf when they made the US version of that.
if an idea is picked up and "internationalised" it usuall goes very wrong.
Although...if i were in spaced, it would be funny internationally.

Actually. If i were in spaced, set in space, we could be on a winner...
Ah yes, but at least they were smart enough to pull Red Dwarf before too much damage.. I'm still convinced the worst was the American Coupling. :puke:
Boxing day sales at the Myers Centre and David Jones. The entire city packs into 2 stores each covering 3 floors. It's a mad dash to the cloths and awesome bargains. 50% off everything reagardless of brand. Got some lovely Nautica shirts, and Ralf Lauren shirts :D

Went to see how my mother was doing only to see that she was standing at a register so I bolt in with a bucket load of cloths and just jump in front. Lots of people were very pissed but it's survival of the fittest.
hahah! kudos to you! Thats the kinda shopping i like.

I HATE shopping with a vengeance.

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