Christmas On My Feet (C&C)

Sep 18, 2010
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Hey all,
This is my first try at this~C&C please.
I'll be honest, this picture is seriously lacking. The subject is pretty uninteresting as is the composition. You cut off the one on the right and the background is kind of distracting. Focus is good.

On a more positive note, look around on TPF, take criticism well, and always keep practicing.
Welcome to TPF! Everyone gets criticism on this board, don't take any negative comments personally it helps us all grow!

I like the title of the photo with the composition, I can see what you're going for and it's good you're thinking straight away about composition as opposed to just pointing and shooting. Am I right in thinking you're after some depth of field in your image?

Personally, if this was a photo I was going to take I'd think a bit more about the background. If the carpet was on it's own then I'd be happy with that, but there are some items in the background cluttering it a bit. I would've also tilted the camera up a bit to show the faces of the slippers, they seem to have character and would add to the photo if it was expressed. The right one is cut off a bit as well. One last thing is the image appears out of focus a bit, if you're going to take it again, make sure the focus is on the eyes of the characters and make sure the shutter speed is really fast so you can get a super sharp image.

Once again welcome! It can be daunting at first, but you're doing the right thing and taking small steps. If you can, pick up this book Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera (9780817439392): Bryan Peterson: Gateway it explains photography in easy, laymen's terms.
Welcome to the forum.

I don't get it. :confused:

Are these a pair of slippers on the bedroom carpet, on their own, with a hairbrush and an open door in the background and a contrasting color rug on the left side of the frame?

They're red and Christmassy. Are they warm?

A few thoughts to consider if you try for a reshoot. Put some feet in them on the kitchen floor while you're wearing your robe. Have a spilt carton of milk next to them. Set your exposure for the lighting you have with your refridgerator door open. Prefocus your lens from where your feet/slipper are and some item on the lowest shelf in your fridge. Turn AF off and set your self-timmer. Trip the shutter and place the camera at an angle that will put your feet/slippers in the frame with the spilt carton of milk on the floor showing the hem of your robe. Rinse and repeat until you're satisfied with the result.

I could offer C&C on something like that.
I like Kundalini's take on it. haha:thumbup:
I do think that the composition should be altered a little, and the surrounding objects should be removed--as they are distracting.
The "Ms. Clause' slipper was cut off taking away detail from the subject. Also, I think to emphasize the detail... more light would be better. To me, on my monitor they look a little underexposed...Just a bit.
But thats just me, and my Opinions... take it however youd like .

What were your settings this was shot in? What were you going for?

...Welcome to TPF. Look forward to seeing your future posts'.
Thanks everyone~I was pretty sure this wasn't very good... ahahah.
EDIT: to the people who said it was cut off-oops. I didn't notice that... Like I said, I'm brand new at this :/
And I did just use auto-everything... Looking back on it, I really didn't concentrate much~I was just kind of like, "let's try real photgraphs now!"
I'll keep trying :)
Don't be surprised in six months, when reviewing your first shots, and think "What the hell was I thinking". Six months further down the road, you'll be thinking that twice over. Part of the excitement is to review your progress. You will undoubtedly have a very large bell curve in the early days. Be your worst critic. Take note of the past mistakes/failures and revisit similar shots compared to your ever expanding knowledge of this crazy hobby. Best of luck.

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