christmas pictures


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Jun 17, 2011
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DSC_0892 by snapshot03, on Flickr

I have other pictures they are on a dick in my car just wanted a little feed back of what to do different next time. She is not easy to take pictures of that for sure. This is my neice my sister asked me to do her christmas photos for her. This is something I have never done before, and just started really taking pictures. I have had my camera but havent had time to really take many pictures.
They are on a dick? You sure about that?
Yea I put them on a re writable cd for my sister to look and print what she wanted. That way she could pick the ones she wanted and I could edit them and give her the dic with originals and edited all on one.
I imagine you mean a disc then...Photos are nice!
Thank you, and yea I mean a cd lol I'm starting to sound like my mom : ) I do have more that I will post when I go get outside in a little bit.

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