Christmas Tree dinghy - a New England coastal tradition


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Mar 18, 2013
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Very cute, love it, the 1st & last are my favorites...Merry Christmas!
Very nice. First and third for me.
Did you do a little background blurring on the first? I really like it!
First and last are both from the same raw file. I wasn’t happy with the cluttered background or flat light so I started playing aroubd After sharpening in Topaz, I used the healing brush in PS to remove a boat from the background but it looked obvious so I used the new select subject option in LRC to select the dinghy and tree then I inverted that so I had just the background selected. Next I took the texture and clarity all the way to the left to really smooth out the water.

In the last one I left it wider to include the island and reflections in the background and went to the negative side of the dehaze on the background only to give it a slightly foggy look and then moved the temp slider to the left to increase the blue tones.

This is the photo I started with after making my usual edits.

Christmas Dingy by SharonCat..., on Flickr
Very nice. First and third for me.
Thanks! May be heading there for sunrise this week if you want to join us. Also heads up on 12/19 moonrise is just after sunset on the east coast so a great chance of some pink sky moonrise photos. I’m thinking of heading to Nubble - the Christmas lights are on.

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