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Sep 1, 2010
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Quebec, Canada
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So, yesterday I took a drive out to the mountains where I live. I found this tiny little church that seems is not in use anymore. I stopped my car on the side of the road and took a pic. When I got home and got it on my computer I threw it into photoshop and had a little fun with it. I was trying to go for something funky and a little creepy.

My Photoshop skills are minimal at best and please keep in mind I'm only using a point & shoot camera, but despite those disadvantages, I'd still like some C&C's regarding this image. Personally I really like it, but believe it could be better.

The composition is alright although I don't care for the little chunk of road that cuts on the corner of the picture. I am not big on selective coloring, but atleast you have colored the subject here so it works, although its not my fave style. The main problem is the exposure, but not sure what you could have done with only a point and shoot unless it has exposure compensation on it. If it does you should have underexposed a little more. The snow and sky are blown out. Although you may not have been able to make the scene work without using HDR which again becomes a problem with the point and shoot.
Very hard to provide critique on this image as it's a treatment of which I'm definitely not very fond. I understand what you were trying to acheive, but IMO, it just doesn't work. I think if there were some details left in the highlights it would be much stronger. Perhaps consider a straight mono conversion, maybe high contrast?
I'm not digging the image. Mainly due to the blown out sky that just meshes with the roof. Lack of detail and lack of sharpness as well

I also dont see a point of the black space on the right of the frame. Looks like an awesome location though...did you get any other close up shots or see if you could get inside?
....the blown out sky that just meshes with the roof. .... lack of sharpness as well. Looks like an awesome location though...did you get any other close up shots or see if you could get inside?

I'm looking at this pic on a different computer now and I see all kinds of defects that did not show up on the other computer...

I agree with you about the blown out sky. I can't seem to fix that (with my camera), it was a cloudy day and it seems that I ALWAYS get a blown out sky with my cam. I can never get a decent shot - no matter how much I play with the settings. And if the sky is not blown out, then I get this haze around anything further than 15 feet from me, so forget taking landscape shots, everything has a haze covering it. Maybe someone can shed some light on why this happens (again, keep in mind I'm using a point and shoot cam, not a DSLR)? I provided a pic below which has both a blown out sky and the haze. I've played with my exposure settings and it does not help. I have my ISO set to 100, and to be honest I don't understand it, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. All my close up pics turn out really good.

As for the church, I didn't get any close ups or go inside, there was a private property sign and I was not about to take my chances lol.


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