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Jan 10, 2006
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The Great White North
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As always, c/c appreciated so I can improve.
Beautiful!! Wow...

Love the title too.. suits it nicely
Very nice, colors and composition! Feels staged somehow, like an arrangement of your own design?

^^^ Nope, not at all. I came across this at the beach at my parents cottage. I didn't touch a thing...just got down on my stomach and took a few shots.

Chris and Zada, thanks for your comments. (Yes, Chris, I own a camera!
And I'll try sharpening, as you suggested, to see if that helps.)
Gorgeous shot! I love it!
Beautiful colours, and I like the theme. Wish it looked like your pic outside today ;)
Really like the composition and colors here. Perfect horizon.

The only thing I don't like is I am currenty surrounded by deep snow and I would really rather be where ever this shot was taken. :)
not only a camera but a camera that has had a canon 300 2.8 hanging off the end of it!
Yes...and I have craved that lens ever since! Gotta build up my forearm strength to heft it around, though. :lol:

Thanks everyone for your comments!
Cool shot !!

wheres the corona bottle. ? You were drinking it right ?

Very pretty.
Hey Anty, good to see your still around and showing your pic's.

A touch of contrast will make the flower and stump pop.

Cheers, John

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