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Jan 23, 2010
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Sydney, Australia
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Hey guys.. hung out with my good mate tonight to take a couple of photos.

I would love to hear some feedback/C&C

Settings: No lighting equipment was used.. only the street lights and what not. I basically just changed my aperture and shutter speed to the correct exposure settings.





C&C per req:

1. I like the idea here, but it needs more light. I think ideally this shot would have used two strobes; one at very low power to provide just a little bit of illumination image left, and one to more clearly define the subject.

2. In this case, I think you have just a little too much light on the bench as well as some blown highlights in the background structures.

3. I think there's some potential here, but I'm not getting a lot from the image. To me, he keys really don't work with the 'damned' theme that you're trying to acheive. Maybe some more dramatic lighting?

4. This one looks to me like a nice, peaceful park shot. Hardly a lot of 'damned' here.

Overall it's a good concept, and you've got some good ideas. A couple of thoughts: It's VERY difficult to get really good night shots of this nature with existing lighting. At the very least a couple of off-camera speedlights should be used. Also bear in mind that there a million "colours" of light at night, and your images have some interesting colour-casts from all the different temperatures.

Just my $00.02 worth - your mileage may vary.

I agree with the comments by tirediron except for #1. I think the darkness at the left helps to focus the attention on the subject.
I really like the composition and POV of all the shots and I think you did very well considering you had to do with the natural lighting, they really don't sell the city as being damned though, in fact I very much want to be there, its bright, shiny and seems like a fun place :)

Anyway, just curious as I couldn't see the EXIF info, what was the exposure time and ISO for them, also what all PP did you do on these provided that you did any?

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