Civil War Reenactment


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Dec 11, 2006
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Lovely work--thanks for sharing. The officer scratching his ear in #1 is distracting. The portrait in #3 is outstanding. All of it is quite nice. What re-enactment was this?
#2 #4 and the last one for me

nicely done
Well done sir. Great composition when using multiple people, that's not easy to do. #4 is fantastic, it has a real uneasy feeling in it. Is she is looking for her husband? Is he alive? Great tension. For a reenactment, it has all the look, smell, and anguish of battle. Thank you for posting.

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Up to your usual high standard +.

Thank you all.
These re-enactors were celebrating the 150th anniversary and it was a very large turnout.
There were units from as far south as Georgia and as far west as Michigan.
Everyone I spoke to took the reenactment pretty seriously, living on site, eating period food and responding in character.
Lots of cavalry - and they looked good.
The crowds were intense and interested.
The US Civil War was remarkable in that, out of a population of about 32 million, 640, 000 died.
That's about the equivalent of 6.4 million dead today.
I don't care if the men looked way too clean or clean shaven, these photos are amazing, I love # 2 & # 6. I cannot wait until the day that I can shoot like this. IF ever. I come to this site everyday to see what is going on, so happy I did today, so I could these amazing pics. great job !!!
Really great set! I love the processing on these! :)
Great re-enactment for you to catch Lew and thanks for sharing those photos.

While many of these battles have re-enactments every year, the really big ones (with hundreds or thousands of re-enactors) are on major anniversaries. This is the 150th of Cedar Creek. So what that means is (since there were few battles in the winter), you're going to see some re-enactments next spring and then the really big affairs that have thousands of re-enactors will be gone for a decade or more. So those of you who want to shoot stuff like this (especially with multiple units and several hundred or even several thousand re-enactors) you need to get out there this next spring.

Also, the annual Antietam Memorial Illumination will be Dec. 5th this year (Antietam National Battlefield, Sharpsburg, MD). It's the single bloodiest day in American history...23,000 candles (one for each casualty) are placed on the battlefield. It's a stunning sight. And the Antietam battlefield is one of the most pristine in the US--nothing like Gettysburg or Fredericksburg where commercial or residential sprawl has affected things. The battlefield is almost identical to what it looked like back then--the NPS even plants corn in the The Cornfield.

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