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Oct 29, 2020
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Central Bohemian, Czech Republic
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by ntz on ThePhotoForum: Film & Digital Photography Forum

I didn't want to write anything about this photo .. it's so banal and yet it lures me and I don't know why .. it's like staring at stranger women and feeling distraught, because the neck is pointing the eyes who just stare in that direction and mind can't do anything with that ...
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Interesting pic, nicely done. So many leading lines pointing here and there it's hard to stop looking at it. I come full circle and start looking at each line all over again.
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I quite like that. The angle of the shadows compliment the angles of the roofs. Plenty to look at.
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Thanks everybody ... I want to also add, that's out-of-camera JPG with applied ACROS-R film simulation ... I am unable to dig out from RAWs the same look even while using some downloaded third party HaldCLUT profiles .. it's simply not same with them Vs JPG from camera .. my edit in here was positive exposure compensation, lowered a blacks a little bit (so it looks more flat) and adjusted a bit shadows on the 3rd-6th o'clock .. I like this raw-less shooting with Fuji camera more and more (I mean - in reality I shoot to both, JPGs and RAWs, but these in camera profiles are awesome so I usually don't need RAWs, my most favourite is mentioned ACROS-R)

I was not happy with the photo, also I had a discussion here elswhere in C&C forum ... I did another EDIT of photo and didn't use this time that built-in ACROS-R film simulation .. it indeed looked muddy - perhaps by intent ? I've used a colour RAW (actually RAF with Fuji) to produce this final edit:

by ntz on ThePhotoForum: Film & Digital Photography Forum

I hope you like it, I believe it looks better now - how unsatisfatory, I was for a short time happy about that idea of RAW-less shootingt with this Fuji camera but seems it's not working as well as I wanted

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