class 4 vs class 10 sdhc cards


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Dec 2, 2011
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Toledo, Ohio
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so, currently, for our p&s cameras, i have 6 PNY 8gb class 4 sdhc cards, and 3 or 4 2gb cards. for all intents and purposes, we should be good on sd cards when we get our new cameras.

i was doing some reading,that suggest higher class cards, for faster write speeds on a dslr.

currently, we are more than likely getting Canon 450d/XSi or one of those, and a canon 1000d/XS

given that these are entry level dslr, should i stick with the class 4, 8gb cards we have.

or would it be worth it to upgrade to class 10 cards?

i can get class 10 PNY 8gb for 10.00 each with free shipping.

or, i can get 32gb PNY class 10 for only 35 & free shipping.

i know class 4 is 4mb per second transfer, and class 10 is 20mb per second transfer.

but, on an XS or XSi, is that extra write speed going to be noticeable?
You should be fine with a Class 4 unless you are trying to do video
well I use the class 4's for video in our p&s.

I just wasn't sure if the card would limit the camera.

actually though, I don't THINK the 450d or 1000d even shoot video, I thought they were still only.

thanks for the input folks. I'll apply the money to batteries instead.

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