cleaned my sensor today


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Dec 29, 2007
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Jacksonville, FL
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i had a few rather dark spots on some recent photos i had taken and they wouldn't come off with just the hurricane blower.

used the makeup brush method described here:

the brush was just over $1 at walmart. i made sure it was synthetic fibers, very fine, and had a plastic handle. i cleaned it thoroughly with detergent, rinsed it well and let it air dry. then i blasted it with my hurricane blower many times to insure all water and dust was out. i tested it on some filters and it left no marks and the air blowing statically charged the brush so it picked up dust really well!

pretty close to what you see here:

the moment of truth came. i blasted the brush several more times, locked up the cam's mirror, made a couple VERY VERY VERY LIGHT swipes.... i mean just so the tips of the bristles just barely touched the sensor. i photographed a white card and guess what? not one single spec of dust on the sensor now!

great success!
Sounds stressful, glad it worked out perfectly :D!!
nice, I just blow it out with a rocket blower and clone out the rest.
nice, I just blow it out with a rocket blower and clone out the rest.
yea, me too..... i don't mind cloning usually, but i wanted to try this method and see if it could really clean up the sensor and it actually did
I have one of those brushes too. I hardly ever use it though. I'll have to start using it more...

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