Cleaning Gitzo GT3531


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Oct 5, 2016
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I'd like to clean my new to me tripod. Can I clean the leg locks in my ultrasonic cleaner with water and simple green to degrease and get the rubber portion clean. Also, should I use simple green or rubbing alcohol to wipe down the legs and the plastic spacer pieces? I plan to regrease the leg locks with krytox PTFE grease.
Suzuki, I think you could use your ultrasonic if it's really gunked up. I use a little brush on mine with no solvent and wipe everything as clean as I can get it. I have the 1541T with the rubber feet that are glued on so I don't completely take the small section apart because I'm afraid if I break the glue loose on the feet they might start to fall off a lot. I use Finish Line(FL) Dry bicycle chain lube because its not a grease but is PTFE. The FL is PTFE in a solvent that pretty much completely flashes off and only the PTFE is left. IF I were gonna use a grease I would use a Shimano Cable grease which is almost pure PTFE with no solvent or Finish Line Stanchion lube.
Maybe Gitzo has an OEM grease available??
PS, Is that GS 750 an old 80's bike? In the 70's I had a Kawasaki 750 H2 for a couple of years!
It came out great. I cleaned in ultrasonic what I could. Rinsed and dried it all. Applied krytox and the tripod has ran awesome since.

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