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Jan 15, 2008
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tips? i dont have anything to clean it with, like no kit or anything. any suggestions to on how to get rid of those annoying specks.
wow, Julie dust aid is a neat little product. I have to try that sometime. But I think ksven was asking about a lens cleaner. To clean a lens i would suggest using a pressured air dust remover, and the eye glass cleaner.
Take a look at this topic:

I just crinkle up two lens tissues, put a drop of Kodak lens cleaning fluid on one and gently wipe around the lens in a circular motion to get it wet. Then I take the second tissue and wipe the lens dry (gently). I try not to apply any pressure and I also try to wipe all of the lens cleaner off to leave as little streaking as possible.

I haven't had much good luck with glasses cleaner. You can try but I ended up going down to my local photography shop and picking up the lens cleaner and tissues for ~$6 because the glasses cleaner wasn't getting the job done.

Hope that helps.

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