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Aug 8, 2009
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Cleveland, OH
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Spent the day with my best friend walking around the city we were born and raised in. We realized we both had a ton of pictures of cities in Europe, NY, CA, etc... but virtually none of the city we'd spent our lives in up to this point. He just returned from a few year trip to Germany and I ship out in 2 months so we wanted to just take a day, walk around the city, and capture whatever we could. We both ended up taking a ton of pictures (I sold him an XSi about a year ago and I was using my 7D) but ended up keeping around 30-40 I think. Here are a few of my favorites...let me know what you think!



(I realize it's off-center...pissed about that but still loved the idea. It was bright and looked centered to me at the time)



5) - My favorite
All these would have been a hundred times better in good light. Go back and shoot during the golden hour and compare the results. These look a little gray and bland and all need a few minutes of PP. I like the compositions though! On 4, I'd find a different angle, one where the statue thing doesnt block out the building.

Here are a few quick edits, hope you like!



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Might wanna tone down the oversaturation on the 4th one. Glad you got to spend the day with your friend. I know how that is. Safe travels!
Well for #4 I oversaturated on purpose. Just wanted one that had the poster-look to it. As far as gray and bland for the rest...yes it was a cloudy and overcast day, but bringing up the saturation and vibrance any more than that made them look fake. The buildings themselves had virtually no color to them so the "blandness" I think might be more due to the content as opposed to time of day.

I wanted to go in the morning (couldn't be there at night) but just couldn't do it.

Barley, I love the extra saturation and vibrance in the full-stadium picture, but what you did with the other one was what I started to do in my own edit and ended up undoing because it just seemed like there was too much going on (too much to pull your eyes around to). Maybe the golden hours would have helped with it, but it was hard assigning focus on that picture.

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