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Dec 7, 2008
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Phoenix, AZ
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So today we finally had a little overcast in Phoenix so I always wanted to shoot this building without the harsh sun. Anyways Im wondering if I should crop this photo a little tighter or leave it how it is? C&C Please!

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I updated the photo a little bit and also added a little bit of sepia tint to it, i think i like it better. let me know what you think!


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Here is another one that I just finished.. I really like this one.
Looks like the gap is big enough to get some good pics....
Looks like the gap is big enough to get some good pics....

lol yeah its a decent gap, not big enough for me to squeez thru though. haha. plus their is a sign that i didnt capture in that picture about no trespassing and their are cops that patrol that park area 24/7
plus i like the fence being in the picture...not sure if its workin for anyone else but i like it
so im not sure if its because of my monitor at home is incorrect but that last photo I posted seemed to be a tad bit too dark when I looked at it on my work monitor. I made some quick adjustments and I think its looking little better. Feedback please.

personally i think the fence makes the picture what it is. i like the shot with the sign visible the most. dont care much for the sephia, shot number 3 is king.

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