CN Tower, toronto skyline... hopefully a different take


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Sep 18, 2015
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Hey guys I have a couple shots I want to share, C&C is more than welcome!

The first one is a not so often seen angle of the CN Tower here in our beautiful city, actually was at the Jays/Yankees game and shot hundreds of boring shots at the game, disappointed with not getting a single great shot (though happy with the win the Jays got :p) I saw this leaving the stadium and was glad I looked up.

This one is a more classic look of our downtown skyline, nothing new, and sorry about the watermark still trying to figure out if I should be putting them in.

Same vantage point but at sunset

Let me know what you guys think, cheers!
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Gorgeous images; love the colors of the sunrise (or sunset) with the silhouette.

The only critique I have is that there is a spot (dust?) to the right of the tower in the 3rd image (easily removed with PS patch tool)
Thank you! Yes there was a whole bunch of sensor dust on my crop body, which is 3 months old im not sure where i picked it up...

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