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Dec 14, 2007
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Well I just joined and thought I'd start out with this one. It was a fun little day I just wish the back ground wasn't so busy. I know I can fix it just haven't done it yet. Anyway tell me what you think, either way I'm here to learn.

Shot from ground level, the busy background wouldn't matter. And might be a good effect.
Nice car and clear shot, though. Great colors.
It hurts to look at. I'm not 100% sure why. Could just be the red truck in the background...maybe not. I think you did it pretty well, though. Next time, get lower and the background will almost disappear.
Love the car, i like the angle, just w/o the background, but i know that can't be helped sometimes, overall i think it is a good shot!
I have lusted after this car since riding in one in the late sixties. I see this car and don't notice the background. It's sort of like seeing an image of a lovely young lady clad in a skimpy swimsuit sitting on a motorcycle. Don't ask me what kind of bike it was. (and I like bikes) Ya, Cobra's and Ford GT's. Don't ask who was sitting in the driver seat or what was in the background, no matter who she was. BTW, good work on the pic.
the background kills it. and the hood looks VERY smoggy and choppy kinda like u shrunk the picture alot use paint shop.. try it again without a background.. unless its not ur car and u dont know the owner lol
Thanks for all the comments and honesty, no it's not my car I was just covering a local event for the paper and thought I'd take a few quick shots and have some fun with them. I have plenty more I might post up of other cars.

Thanks again

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