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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by russellsnr, Nov 1, 2004.

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    Hi, I have a number of cokin 'A' filters (bought cheap) to try with my Rebel. I understand that you can purchase an adaptor to use 'A' type filters with a 'P' type holder.
    Can you please explain the merits of doing this.
    I no you can play around with your photo's in programs like PSP etc. but I want to try getting the picture at the time I press the button that's why I bought the filters ( just in case someone was wondering why I should use filters with a digital camera).

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    The reason for the adapter is so that you don't have to buy 2 sets of filters.

    The 'P' series filters are larger than the 'A' series filters.

    The 'A' holder is not expensive so I wouldn't bother with the adaptor...just get the 'A' holder to use with your 'A' filters.

    The advantage of using the 'P' series holder & filters is that the larger size will not get in the way of wider lenses...which might be an issue with the 'A' series.

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