Cold Sails - Long Shot


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Feb 19, 2006
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I went out today on Christmas day to do some exploring in downtown Milwaukee and I got this...tell me what you think.

ha i guess i labled this one wrong...anyone out there
yep there's someone here....the shot is pretty boring I'm afraid, it's well exposed but of what. There's no focal point and it's very busy, I can see a few potential shots in parts of the scene. I think the mistake here was to include too much instead of focusing on some elements. This happens when we try to communicate a scene we are in, by showing the wide view we lose the feeling....I know because I still make the same mistake somtimes.
yea I agree that its busy but I just liked the shot and it seems almost peacful at the same time as being crazy busy. Something about it to me sets it apart from those usual mistake busy shots. Thanks for the comment.

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