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Apr 28, 2007
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Well, heres a few pics I took with my Fuji Finepix S700 I got!




The middle two are sort of soft, which I cannot explain to me, given you had oodles of light when you were out taking these photos. I wonder what may have brought out this softness. Camera shake ought to be excluded from all possible reasons with a sky as blue as yours!

The last one does nothing for me ... if only the flag had flown a little to fill the space between the branches ...

The first is the one that made me look most. I would GUESS your subject was the branches of that fir "hugging" the man-made steel structure right behind it? Well, horizontally framed as you decided to frame all this (in the lovely light of a setting sun), it is a bit hard to find out what was your intended subject, more so since there are too many distracting elements there (the power lines and distribution box, the roof of the house ... and since you say you are ok with your photos being edited, I actually not only did a "screen-crop" with the help of two sheets of paper to see what the photo would look like if it were cropped vertically, I actually MADE a vertical crop. Tell me if I found out what your intended subject was, please:

Ya, the edited one does indeed look less distracting.

You did find out the subject which was the branches stretching out into the Water Tower.

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