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Oct 20, 2011
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I am not a priority mode shooter for many reasons. Totally irrelevant here, but... I bumped my cam into aperture priority and shot like that for a match or two. No big deal... As I am processing, however... I have discovered that the photos even though taken in the same gym on the same mat with no change in lighting are a very different color temperature when adjusted. I have adjusted all of the others to about 3850 and 38 tint. The ones shot in Av I am adjusting to about 3200 temp and 38 tint. NOTHING changed. I switched back to manual after that and those ones are back to 3850 temp 38 tint. I was not using a custom white balance. All were shot in raw with auto white balance. Why is this?
Most artificial lighting sources change color temp as they age.
The shots before and after are the same color temp. Just the ones I shot in Av are different.
I haven't seen that with my Nikons.. so I can't assist. Odd! :)
I thought so too. I thought maybe in Kieth's vast knowledge base he'd have some insight for me. Or maybe Derrel... I am hoping!
My guess would be a slight difference in exposure.
No, not really. I have adjusted them all from about -25 to +5 in exposure and these are no different. It was a pretty controlled environment and I had to adjust these about +.25 so near to the middle of the road among all of the images.
I'd have thought the same thing, but EVERYTHING else seems very equal.
The camera changed from using f/4.5 to f/3.5 and my shutter speeds were 1/320 or 1/400. ISO was at 6400
If you were top superimpose a circle the size of the Spot Metering circle on those images, would the color of what you were shooting the ones in AV be different than the M ones. say the AV ones the circle area was on the mat, the M was on the wall...per chance
I didn't really meter anything in particular. I know roughly what my settings will be for any given situation. I put in what I need and think will be the right exposure, take a shot of the kids on the mats and adjust if I need to, but I don't really meter. KWIM?
The color for my meter spot would be primarily skin tones in the AV ones. Does that make a difference?
Yeah KWUM, I wan't particlaly interest in your metering. But the area of the sensor that take the white balace is under the area of where the spot meter circle is. If in the manual ones what was under that area was say a blue mat and then in the AV ones was on skin you will get a different WB
What body are you shooting? I'm wondering if you're running out of dynamic range on a certain color channel at 6400. When you expose manually, maybe you clip that channel more or less? That would cause a color shift if the other channels still had headroom when one clipped.
7D for these.
I expect the actual WB to be all over the place SOOC when I am shooting in auto WB. Those mats have some insane colors. Usually Red, blue or green, so that throws things around and the cast they have on the wrestlers throws things around a lot, so I am used to getting anything at any end of the spectrum out SOOC. But each mat in a gym usually adjusts the same or closely (cycling lights.) Even if it shoots as WB somewhere around 7000, it still adjusts to the same temp for our gym every time.
I have never had this happen before, but I am also one of those people who can't shoot in a priority mode to save my soul. It might be something that happens? I dunno!
I will definitely add that I was NOT at my best this weekend, so I wouldn't be shocked if I also did something else besides knock my dial into AV
Hmmmm.... I am not sure the unreliable WB is my issue, though maybe. It only changed with shooting modes-so maybe that's the unreliable issue?
WB is always iffy under artificial lighting like that... THose lights cycle and it doesn't matter what camera you shoot with if you catch a light on it's down side you get that crappy cyan color

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