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Fashion and the Internet The Politics of Fashion Photography Part 25


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Feb 8, 2007
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Paris, France
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Being Nice, Listening and Taking it Easy

The days of the prima donna are over and have been for quite some time now. Those that still practice being one will soon find themselves alienated and eventually scorned in the marketplace. Now I know that this is not exclusive to the Fashion Industry, but it certainly was never expected to change as dramatically as I have observed it doing so.

What I believe it comes down to are a few rather important elements. The first and unfortunately so, is the grave economic malaise we are experiencing, especially in the Western Hemisphere. There seems to be a correlation between compassion and trauma or put more directly, the more you have to loose, the less apt one is to **** on their proverbial doorstep.

The second subject that has had a major effect on the ones manner has been the immediacy of social networking and the instant feedback loop. We are privy to a lot more information through communication on all levels than ever before and the public at large are starting to appreciate the immensity and responsibility associated with this new stream of consciousness. By virtue of the platforms available, people are listening, absorbing and experiencing cerebral stimulation of a magnitude not experienced in this present manifestation of civilization. Perhaps in the far past there were other civilizations that surpassed our level of technology, but they have been long gone. For all intent and purpose, what we are experiencing IS the Revolution.

All sorts of nuances are able to be expressed in the social media strata and we are learning the importance of diplomacy, candor, sharing, giving and taking and most of all Taking it Easy. By taking it easy, I mean enjoying the here and now, the now that I am enjoying as I tap out this blog post not really knowing where it will take me, but not worrying that much, because I have nothing to hide.

Well, what does all of this have to do with Fashion. Well nothing really except perhaps that the old tyranny we had to endure behind closed doors are now opening up and even those Tyrants of old have had their own epiphanies and have grown in a positive way because of this medium. It is NOT a panacea, but as we learn, grow and evolve with the global "web", we as a unified group of humanity, will become more and more aware of how we truly are connected and inseparable. At some point Tyranny with a capital "T" will cease to exist and a new paradigm will be birthed. Tyrants with a capital "T" like vampires, find it difficult to survive in broad daylight.

There you have it for now…

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