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May 30, 2003
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Hey all!

I'm planning a road trip from Minnesota through Colorado, Arizona & out to LA. I do not like the touristy places and would like to hear from you where to find the odd or interesting places. I also do alot of hiking and am interested in finding some scenic trails.

I'll be headed cross country mid September.

Well I've only lived in Arizona for a Year so I'm not so much an expert on where to go here. But Colorado...

There are a ton of things to see in Colorado. Tell me the route you are taking and I can let you know where to stop.
I'll be coming into Co from I 90/ S.Dakota sometime on Thursday then ???? where ever as long as I am near the Grand Canyon Sunday-ish. Prefer non-interstate roads.

I have no set plans on destination, pretty much where ever the wind takes me. Drive for a couple hours, get out, hike a bit, look around, drive for a few more hours. I love to explore. So I plan at least 2 full days just checking things out.

I would definately give Durango a visit. Take the Durango to Silverton train for a wonderful day trip.
Colorado is a great state...

Id recommend going into Denver, then taking 285 South to Salida. At Salida, go US 50 West into Gunnison...lots of great stuff to see around this area. Check out Crested Butte and Lake City if possible. Climb a 14er...lots in this area.

From here, I would recommend either going down through Durango like voodoo cat sugested (via 550 through Montrose) or going to Grand Junction and then down through Utah on 191 to get to Arizona. If you do this, you can check out Moab, Arches NP, and Canyonlands NP.

Any way you go in this area though, you can't go wrong.

You should be able to see the trees change in Colorado too.
Great route deportfred 8)

One of my favorite places is about 1 hr from Montrose. Ouray, which is the Jeep capital of the world if you are into that. If you don't have a Jeep there are rentals.
Most of the places I been in Colorado & Arizona are touristy places.

The train between Durango and Silverton is a wonderful day trip.
The towns are very touristy but train is easy way to see the back country.
Ask for a set on a window less car.
The train also stops along the way to pickup & drop off hikers & fishermen
Durango h as a lot of good food!
Silverton is all one big tour trap.

Sedona, Arizona – Red Rock State Park
Lots of hiking areas, and touristy jeep rides,
I took the Pink Jeep Tours’ broken arrow tour,
They stop any time you ask for pictures
I rate them a “10+”

You have to go thru Utah or New Mexico to get to Arizona from Colorado
I would go thru Utah, lots of nice national parks in south east Utah.
Drive thru Monument Valley if it on your way, it’s a Navajo Nation park, the road thru is free,
If you what to go in the park you have to go with a Navajo guide $$$, they also charge a camera fee

If you go to the Grand Canyon, the north rim is a lot less touristy; it also has a few back country roads passable by car in good weather

If it’s in your budge take an air tour, I when on Grand Canyon Airlines over the park,
Some of the airlines with helicopters fly in the canyon over the Indian reservations out side of the national park,
There are about a dozen airlines at Grand Canyon most fly out on the south side
I gave the Grand Canyon Airlines a “10+” before going on the Pink Jeep Tour

Sedona also has a few air tour companies but I did not go on any.

Hope this help

Jeff :D

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