Colour, B&W...?


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Mar 10, 2007
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...or neither?

Bethel Church (and cemetery), North Dakota.



I should probably lose the electricity pole and lines...
Colour all the way! I am not a fan of the pronounced noise in the sky in the BW. What an AWESOME find!
B&W for me..........It adds feeling to the picture. It gives me this sense of emptiness, abandonment even. I don't know what you were going for but........thats what I got.

The color version doesn't really say anything to me.

Great shot!! Keep shooting babe!!
THere is noise in both photos, if you can clear that up I say B&W all the way it tells more of a story then the color I think personally. IMO the B&W is a way better shot.
I like the BW. You'd probably lose the pole correcting the distortion a bit ;)
Keep shooting babe!!
Haha, this made me smile!

THere is noise in both photos...
The digital grain was added in post :)

You'd probably lose the pole correcting the distortion a bit ;)
Yes, I need to finish the job here. I just need to decided which one to use :)

Thanks everybody for the feedback. Still not sure which one to choose (and finish processing). I suppose I need to leave these images alone for a few days so they can sink in, and then choose...

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