comments before I go and retake this?


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Jun 27, 2010
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the sun was pretty high up when I took this so it didn't really work out in regular color. for now, it's in black and white. I'm going to go later tonight and retake it. what time is best again?

i was wondering for some comments on the composition of this photo ... i guess i'd name it "taking the first step". i know it's not good right now, i'm just trying to figure out if another angle would be better or whatnot. thanks!

Angle your camera instead of straight down? Don't put the step right in the middle? Lose the vignette?
This is not a good composition IMO. Step right and step forward possibly. Mind your highlights (blown on top of the curb), mind distarcting elements ( loose paper on the right), mind your DoF (you've got about 6" in a non-essential area of the frame).

I don't know what a Coolpix P90 is capable of, only going on what my eyes see.
it's not in the middle...? it's off to the side. and you mean larger DOF?
The step itself is towards the left, but the main 'line' component is dead center.
so move it more left?
It's hard to say. Personally, i don't find the subject all that interesting. So imo, I don't think any angle would work for it lol.

I'm sure others will find something in it, just not for me.
DIAGONAL lines add more impact to an image than straight lines. Tension is also created by not placing things into the dead centre of an image. The step here divides the image into two equal parts. Not interesting at all. The fact that the corner of the step is a little above the dead centre doesn't help composition any more. There are too many factors that do NOT help it.

Apart from the fact that the subject is quite a bit ... erm ... "blah".
Retake this, if you can get a positive CC on this there's something sadly lacking in the world, get out and shoot something of interest. H

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