Common mistakes of new photogs

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5 Common Mistakes Made by New Photographers –

Considering only the people who have personally asked for my advice when they are first starting with a new camera, sure, there are several common mistakes the student photographer will probably make.

* Not seeing what is actually in the viewfinder. People will get caught up in the subject and fail to see the light pole sticking out of the subject's head or the dog relieving itself in the background.

* Taking one shot and thinking they have all they need or can accomplish. At times this is due to their reliance on a zoom lens that allows them to too quickly snap the shutter but often it's simply a matter of not really observing what they are seeing.

* Not understanding the limitations of their equipment and the simple fact their vision is the result of human cognitive perceptions while the camera is only a mechanical/electrical device.

* Not comprehending the operation of their equipment.

* Learning a few "rules" and then over applying them to virtually all of their photos. Often to the point where the next photo can reasonably be predicted to look very much like the last 50.

* Not understanding the difference between taking snapshots and taking photographs.

Those, in my experience, are very common mistakes made by student photographers. No doubt there are more.
The one I see most often is giving people too much headroom. You don't need half a frame of empty space above someones head. I'd rather see their feet, or their hands in the frame. Those two things are very often cut off in exchange for that vast emptiness above their head.
Another common mistake is to fall for click-bait links.
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that website was just made today too to sell a "Beginner's Guide"
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