Compact disk, software programs and the shakes

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by Avic7, Oct 13, 2004.

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    Oct 12, 2004
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    Hiya everyone,

    Thanks for reading this post. Since i am a newbie, pls forgive me if i step on any toes.

    My first question is I use the canon ixy 400 digital camera. When i turn off the flash, i have to be very careful that my hand don't shake or else i will end up taking blurry pictures. Some of the pictures that i am taking do not need the flash, and since my hands aren't to steady is there anything i can do about it? (besides the obvious like getting a tripod)

    My second question is whether or not it is bad to constantly reformat the compactflash memory card instead of using the "delete all images" function. Does it ruin the memory or what?

    My third question is related to my second question, earlier this weekend, i was bestman for my buddies wedding. I finished taking a picture, turned the camera off, went downstairs to get a drink, came back up and when i turned on the camera, it said, "memory card error" total image is ZERO.
    What could have caused this memory card error? Is it to many reformats on the compactflash card? What is the best program i can use to recover those lost images? And will I be able to recover 100% of those lost images?

    . I look forward to hearing from you all.
    Thank you

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    You could try FlashGuardian to recover your pictures from various flash cards, including CompactFlash. They only charge if they are successful, and the prices start from £25 for moderate size cards. They will transfer the pictures to a CD and send them back to you, or upload them via FTP.
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    Avic7, when you turn off the flash, what mode do you shoot in? Is the shutter speed at least 1/90sec, faster if you are zoomed in on a subject. You may try setting your camera mode to shutter priority and leave it on 1/90sec or whatever shutter speed you need to get sharper images.

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