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Feb 23, 2009
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I have been wanting to venture outside the auto mode on my dSLR for awhile now and I finally did it. I have read books, etc. but realized that I wasn't going to get it unless I TRIED it. So these are among my first shots. I seem to be having trouble getting that razor sharp focus. The picture seems to be focused well in the view finder but when I look at the pictures I am always slightly disappointed. Any thoughts as to what I am doing wrong? (So, yep, I know a few of the pictures in this post could have been focused sharper.) Also, I struggled with the exposure of the picture of the goose. Any ideas as to how to better balance the white on the chest with the water in the background? I appreciate all constructive criticism!

(I hope I included the pictures right. If not, please let me know if you can't see them.)

Thanks everyone!


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not that bad. I don't know if your d40x has the AI Servo focus mode on it if it does it would help you get the third shot better. Did you use manual focus too or just autofocus?
Thanks Jaszek. I'll check about the AI servo focus mode-I'm not sure. All of these were manual focus. That is why I am a bit frustrated. The autofocus seems to do a better job than I do.
Oh, newbie question, but how did you know I had a d40x? Is there a way to get info about a shot just from the picture on the forum posting??? If so, that would be really helpful as I look at other photos people have posted.
depending on where you upload the EXIF stays in the file information. I always keep the EXIF in my photos. Also I have the EXIF reader plugin for firefox so I just right click and properties ad have everything there. O and the AI servo is for automatic focus. And don't worry, I use automatic focus also, unless i have no other choice.
They are pretty good, but you don't need manual, just try AF.
Ok, wow I just tried that-AF is much better! I guess I had assumed that in manual mode I had to manually focus-that otherwise it was somehow cheating. But I really think that will greatly help my picture quality. Thanks!!!

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