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Aug 22, 2007
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Eastern Washington
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So this is just a raw image off my camera. I was looking down the trail and thought it would make a nice picture. Tried some with the trail in focus too, but I liked this one the best, even though a tuft of grass isn't much of a "subject"

What do you think?

Was this shot at 1.8? I like the DOF but the image is kind of bland color/subject wise.
I like it too. The shallow depth of field isolates your subject well, if you had more trail in focus, you may have lost your subject intention. Your exposure is good. The only other critique for me is, just off center may as well be center. What I mean is; it looks like you intended to have your focal point centered but you didn't capture it that way on pulling the trigger. I would crop and regain center.
I would capture a shot like this for stock.
Composition wise, I think the picture is nice.
I'm a little iffy about the central placement of the grass, but I think it works. I'd have to see it at a slightly different angle, but overall, I think you did a nice job.

The photograph, as you mentionned, is a bit bland with the subject.

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