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May 1, 2008
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Does anyone know of a program that will monitor and log changes to files on a computer with a select folder? I'm asking because I keep a manual backup of my work on external drives and sometimes I forget to make a note of which files I've updated/added to (eg processing an older shot) - so I was wondering if any program would auto log these changes for me

That way I just have to check the program to find out which files/folders are new/updated.
I use second copy, works great. It monitors files and copies them to my external drive automatically if a change was made. If it's a dirve not hooked up, when I do plut it in it asks me if I want to sync the drive with update.

I don't knkow if it creates a log of changed files or not, I have not checked since it's automatic back-up.

There are a few different settings so you can have copy - only, mirror (remove files you remvoed from your main drive, or only add to the external so no files deleted, etc.).

Automatic backup software - secure data with Second Copy

You might check CNET or some other software review site to see which one currently gets the best reviews. I tried a few when I got second copy, and found this one the best for my way of understaning. It was the most intuitiive and had the features I needed.

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