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Nov 21, 2007
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Evanston, IL
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Practiced on a friend yesterday, I'd appreciate any feedback you have. Feel free to be harsh, I want to learn!

All shots were f/2.8, 1/250 or 1/400, ISO 200.






Really good photos. I especially like #1, #3 and #6. And your friend is very beautiful. Very captivating eyes.
oh wow, I love these. the b&ws are my favorites, especially the second. I love how the stone leads your eyes to her face.
These are pretty good! I would just watch where you're cutting out feet in certain pictures. A couple of these could have used her toes back or the bottom of her feet in one of the b+w's at the top.

good stuff tho! most are composed very well.
The location of the "concrete wings" is such a cool find! At first I wondered "Eh? Concrete wings????" but I understand and like the concept. But I'm not too happy with composition in both of the "concrete-wings-photos". While I love how the "wings" all direct towards her in 1, I'm not happy about the missing feet and missing hem of her dress. But I do like light, exposure and her expression! Focus too!

The second has so much room above her that we even get to see all the junk that's lying on top of "the wings", but there is almost no room for her feet to be there. Just a LITTLE more ... turning the camera that tad down...

Well, I sure love 3.
That one's the best of the bunch (in my opinion). The colour of her eyes shows perfectly. Focus is lovely. Her face might be a bit on the bright side, but ... not too badly!

I love the vanishing point element of the location in 4, and the repetition of those props and of the lights, only is her head that tiny bit too far to the right (her left), so the symmetry is broken up and the lights seem not quite right. Hard to explain what I mean to say ... Hmph...

As to the fifth: serious. Stern. Strict.

The last: lots of backlight. What did you use to get light from the front?
I feel there's too much headroom there. And her foot got cropped right through her ankle...

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