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Confused On Books


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Jun 14, 2006
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Cheers Everybody

To begin with i am not a photographer !!! I am trying to decide between 2 books that i have in mind to buy for a friend who loves black and white photography.

I need your help for which book to buy for her.

Portfolios of ansel Adams or Richard Avedon Portraits.

Please help me decide which book to get
Thanks in advance for your time and help
I will really appreciat your guidance
Thank you

P.s She enjoys Nature and Street photography
Chances are, she'll love whichever one you get her. Ansel Adams is widely known for his nature photographs. I honestly don't know much about Avedon. This is the first time I recall hearing his name. A brief search on the internet doesn't reveal much to go on.

I'm sure that either one would be fine.
From the options, Ansel would be the best pick for nature.
For street work, you might want to consider Henri Cartier-Bresson, Elliot Erwitt, Steve McCurry etc. Please visit this link for more names and research.

Avedon was more in to fashion, portraits etc.

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