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Feb 10, 2009
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so i thought that this was the best place to put it cause i didnt see a general talk anywhere. so with that said, i have been going threw a tuff spot in my life right now and was thinking last night just to fill up my tank this weekend and drive somewhere. well last night i was thinking about somewhere i can go thats far enough away but still enough to save money cause its tight. i was looking on a map and was thinking about going to connecticut. well today at work i heard a lady start to talk about being down there. not to get off subject but things have been weird lately with how i think like i was walking to my car and i saw something on the ground and thought it was money but it was a scratch ticket and then when i got to my car there was a ten dollar bill right outside my door. things like that but with that in mind she was talking to me about places to go and she told me if i went there and took pictures and liked them she would buy them from me. so do i go and see if i make money or do i stay and do my own thing? any help would be great! thanks
What have you got to lose? Even if she doesnt like them really the only thing you lost is nothing, you got away and were able to unwind. Sometimes it costs something to go unwind and, get momentary change.
true good point thanks for the help

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