Congrats me, guys!

Glad to say that 14 of my prints have been included in the holdings of the main state museum of art in my region! Previously, only paintings and graphics (including paintings by Malevich and Kandinsky) were kept there. But this year they decided to create an art photography collection as well. They took fourteen of my works, which had previously been exhibited. Also included were prints by Alexander Rodchenko, which were handed down by his heirs.

I have to say that the museum chose mostly my old black and white works (2017 - 2021), although I'm working more with colour abstraction now. Perhaps this was motivated by the fact that these black and white prints have better preservation.
Congratulations. I love your work. It’s so unique.
Interesting set of photos - congrats!
Yes, these are great artistic photographs. I like your style...very consistent and very interesting.




Congratulations and kudos to the museum for adding photography to its collection. Like so many others on this site, I've been a fan of yours for a long time.
Thank you guys!

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