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    I have my SLR and lenses but I am looking for an inexpensive (under $200) compact camera to shoot informal family pictures with on my trip to africa (which is in a few months). I have a 5 year old Powershot A70 but I'm considering a newer camera. Are newer P&S cameras sufficiently better to justify a new camera? Should I take my SLR and risk it getting stolen (the housemaid in my family's house over there is a known thief (that steals dishes and fruit))? What are the best options right now? I want something with full manual exposure capabilities and manual focus will also be useful. It should also have good high-ISO performance and a sufficiently powerful flash for use in a wedding.

    Thanks for any help.
    PS. I'm considering the A590IS right now but I'm unsure if it's enough of an improvement and I would prefer something more compact too.


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