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Mar 30, 2007
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I am considering selling my D70 cam with a lens I am wanting to feel the waters to see if any one is in the market for a digital SLR (considering upgrading), In order to buy the unit I want I am looking to get 700, I got a years use on the D70, plus it will come with 2 battery a 4 gig harddisk CF card, (plus others flash) sling bag and 18-55mm DX Lens.
Prices drop pretty fast on camera bodies - especially once a newer model has come out. There's a point in time what the resale value drops precipitously and the D70 is well past that point.

The 80 superscedes the 70 and a newer replacement may be out soon for that. So.... not a great market for a used D70.

IMO, market price is likely to be far less what you think. Completed sales on eBay show a lot in the $350-400 range (body only)

It may be worth more to you to keep as a back-up body. Hard to buy another camera for what you'd sell it for.

There are some exceptions to the rule though - the D50 is holding value well because it has features that its replacement (the D40/40x) doesn't have. It fills a niche - 'full' function in a small package - and the ability to use older screw-drive AF lenses. Small package, larger display screen.... no equivalent 'upgrade'.

In the case of the 70, the 80 is simply better in so many ways. You can get a NEW D80 body for under $800 these days. Used ones are going for what you're asking for an older D70.

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