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Aug 15, 2010
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What do i do to do away with the darkness caused by the flash(integrated). attached images for reference

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An off-camera speedlight is the best choice, but using reflectors, even as simple as white poster-board and a diffuser (tissue or translucent plastic over your flash) will help greatly.
I hate having to click on itty bitty thumbnails and then wait for Imageshake to load up an image. So I didn't.

You must make the light appear much larger. That lets light wrap around objects and soften the shadows.

Check out the basics of photographic lighting. A good reference to have on hand is:

Light: Science and Magic. An Introduction to Photographic Lighting by Fil Hunter, Steven Biver, and Paul Faqua. The book is a must have for learning to do photographic lighting, particularly good product photography. The second half of the book examines lighting for portraiture.

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