Could i get a mark out of 10 if you like this pic 1 if not.


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Jan 26, 2012
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8/10. Looks really good to me :) I have to ask, is the grain an intentional effect?
7.2 is my score, and that's being generous, for me. Mood is good, concept is good, but the off-center composition works against it. I would have loved to have seen your results from maybe 8,9,10 steps to the left, while also including some of the waves on the beach.
The grain loks almost embossed to me.

technical, noise aside - 8 the exposure good, but there is some dark haloing along the horizon.
technical, with noise - 5 I find it overall distracting, though I like what the embossing does for sharpness perception
aesthetic - 6 it comes close to being more than travel photography, but i don't have a good sense of who the subject is, his role within the society and how he feels about his position. I also do not have a clear idea of what he is selling (suntan lotion? peanuts?)
Agree with Darrel, I think the houses on the shoreline actually detract from the mood. If the light of his cart was the only light in the picture and we saw more of the water, I think you'd have a great image. I like your processing given the subject of the image; if not for the houses and the sandals you'd have a hard time pinning the proper decade on this image.
yes its an effect called plastic wrap, he is selling corn hard to see on the smaller upload.

But great thanks to all...

is this composition any better?
(without effect)
Second one is awesome!

J.M. Briggs
What I do is scroll by the photo in about 2 seconds, then I ask myself what I remember about it.
The first thing that I remember was the distortion and grain.
The second thing I remember was the softness of the photo, focus is out.
The third thing I remembered was the flame.
Then the beach.

I don't like the first photo, in my opinion a 3 or so.
I like the potential, the subject, the light, just isn't executed to my eye.

I do like the last shot you posted though.
Thanks I'm not sure on the grain effect either...
The composition is good, I also like the lights from the a far, I think it needs more time on the exposure.
The noise sure its getting in the way, So the second image you posted is better.
The Fouces in the first one is better than the second
In the first image, his shadow should have been seen completely within the frame; the boy looks more engrossed in his work in the second and that makes second, the first in choice; yet i wonder why he is so busy as if to deliver an immediate order, where no body is around to make a purchase????

I am not awarding any mark, which i am not sure about; yet i like your concept very much.....

By the way, which sea shore is this?

Regards :D

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