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Feb 21, 2012
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Southern California
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I have seen a previous post on here about location and I know there are tons of location in southern California. But I am looking for a specific location and the original place I was planing on shooting at has been completely changed.

I am looking for a country type of location, model will be wearing cowboy hat, jeans, boots looking like a cowgirl. I wanted to shoot this in a an area with tall yellow grass with a wood picket fence. Unfortunately the location I had in mind has been mowed and they are growing regular groomed green grass. The ultimate location would be a nice barn on an old looking farm, but I think I would be asking for too much.

I know it is winter and a lot of places are now green but if you know of any location with tall grass around SoCal, preferably yellow if not that fine, and a fence would be a plus please, please, please let me know!?


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